Been Keepin’ Busy — New Art!

Well, the last few weeks have been busy around here… Yet somehow I am finding time to work on my art.  Not as much as I would like (because then I would be doing nothing else), but some.

Anyway… here are a couple pieces I’ve done lately.  The first one was prompted by my kids being on summer vacation.  A couple times in the last weeks they have been spending the entire day watching DVDs of Kim Possible episodes.  My thought was that Shego (one of the main villains) would make a great Green Lantern.  This lead to further thought of KP characters as DC equivalents.  So with no further ado, here is my Kim Possible/DC comics mashup!KP_DCAlso in the Disney vein… I finished another of my Disney princess portraits.  I really like the way this one turned out as I practiced coloring sheer fabric.  So here is Jasmine from the film Aladdin (using Copic markers).




About pbartles

I am a husband, a father, a member of the US Air Force, and and artist. I enjoy drawing worlds of the fantastic (fantasy, superhero, comic, etc) and seeing an illustration pop from the page out of nothing.
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