New Commission

ImageSay hello to Farnsworth, the dog companion of Albert Flynn, in the book BALANCE KEEPERS, by Lindsay Cummings.

It all started with a quick Twitter request by the author for someone to draw a picture of a black dog (similar in size to a beagle) with blue laser eyes.  I was intrigued, but figured, with a few more details I could probably make it work.  Well, I think it did turn out well, especially for only a few hours work.  And that the client (all right, she wasn’t really a client, but I’m gonna run with it) was happy with the result made it all worthwhile.


About pbartles

I am a husband, a father, a member of the US Air Force, and and artist. I enjoy drawing worlds of the fantastic (fantasy, superhero, comic, etc) and seeing an illustration pop from the page out of nothing.
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One Response to New Commission

  1. Linda Bartles says:

    As always I love the artwork! Ya done good, son…Love, Mom

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